As we continue to live our lives during this pandemic, doctors recommend we get outside to beat cabin fever, get some sun and fresh air while staying safe. One of the best ways to be active outside of a gym is working out outside. Studies show that virus spread is less likely in wide open spaces where people can physically distance. Exercising outside can also invigorate your mental health.

Lace up your shoes, beat the sun and try this morning workout. And don’t forget to warm up before starting.

The Moves

1 minute for each exercise, 3-4 rounds



Squat jumps

Jump squat – position 1
Jump squat – position 2

Goblet squat

Goblet squat – position 1
Goblet squat – position 2

Pop squat floor touch

Pop squat – position 1
Pop squat – position 2

Oblique mountain climbers

Oblique Mountain Climbers – position 1
Oblique Mountain Climbers – position 2

Push up to side plank

Push up to side plank – position 1
Push up to side plank – position 2