With all that’s going on in our world, it may be hard to be positive. But it’s important to introduce good feelings into your day and sprinkle them as the hours pass. Negativity can harm your mental and emotional wellness. Dedicate a portion of your day to express gratitude in healthy ways, to keep you grounded and inspired to push through these tough times.

Remember, trouble doesn’t last always. We’ll get through this.

  1. Make gratefulness a daily routine.
    As mentioned above, it can be difficult to be grateful in times of turmoil. You must build a regular practice of gratitude until it becomes second nature. Try setting a time each day, preferably mornings, to think about why you’re grateful. It can be small or big, as long as you’re grateful for it.
    Unplug from your phone for 5-10 minutes and sit or lay quietly in your positive thoughts or affirmations.
  2. Be kind. Sending love and kindness to others is a sure way to feel positivity. Text a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Donate a few dollars to a good cause. Be kind to a stranger.
  3. Get outside. There’s nothing more grounding than connecting with nature. The serenity and beauty of the outdoors can be a refreshing, centering experience. Go for a walk or jog or do some meditative reflection at a lake.
  4. Keep negativity at bay. Bombarding your head space with negative news or thoughts is a no-no. Avoid those things that will bring you down, if possible. Turn off notifications on your phone, do a social media cleanse for a few days. Focus on positivity only better stress and anxiety management.
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