Meditation or quieting the mind is a great way to relieve stress, improve focus and restore the mind to calmness. Our society rewards constant movement and action, making meditation a challenge for many. So, if you’re new to meditation, it’s important to practice patience with yourself.

Follow these tips to improve your meditation practice.

  • Choose a time to meditate. It’s ideal to meditate before your day gets hectic. If this isn’t possible, remain consistent by committing to a time and place daily.
  • Make your space special. Transform an extra room, or even a closet into a peaceful place to meditate. Add candles, incense or an oil burner to make it more tranquil. Invest in a meditation pillow for comfort.
  • Focus on the breath. Establish a steady rhythm to slow a racing mind. Breathe slowly and deeply, releasing tension.
  • Try focused meditation. If you don’t like closing your eyes when meditating, light a candle or incense and while meditating, focus only on the light. Connect with the flame and still the mind by directing your energy on the light.

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