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3 Ways to Improve Your Balancing Yoga Poses

When performing yoga, keeping balance can be difficult. Even the most seasoned yogi can struggle to balance on any given day.

Although balance yoga poses are a challenge, the goal is not to master the pose but to allow yourself to experience the pose, wobbly or not, then make adjustments to grow.

Try these tools to improve your balance in yoga.

Your Feet

When performing a balance pose. establish a strong foundation in the feet or hands. Distribute the weight equally throughout the feet or hands, paying close attention to scrunching the toes or fingers. Spread the toes or fingers wide.

Your Gaze

Avoid darting your eyes from one thing to another when doing yoga. Fix your eyes on a stationary object to create steady, stable energy throughout the mind and body.

Your Breath

Allow your breath to flow freely and deeply. Avoid holding your breath. This will improve your focus and progress in the pose.

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