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Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga is widely known for its zen-inducing moves and ability to relax your mind and spirit. But yoga isn’t all feathery soft and sleepiness. Yoga can also provide the perfect conditions in the body to melt away pounds and sculpt and tone muscles.

How so? Let’s get back to basics. Yoga is a series of movements where you hold poses for extended periods of time. This holding pattern activates and heats up the muscles, causing them to work hard and generate energy to keep you held steady in those poses. Increasing the tempo of yoga movements, like in a Vinyasa practice, can also be considered a cardio workout. In addition, the prolonged stretching of the muscles elongates them for more tone and definition.

Try these yoga moves to burn calories and leave you stronger and sweaty.

Warrior Two

Plank Pose

Downward Dog

Warrior Three (advanced)

Sun Salutation

Click here to watch a Sun Salutation video.

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