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5 Yoga Poses For Strong Bones

If being “big-boned” is really a thing, then many of us are at a great advantage when it comes to aging. We won’t argue if this is true or not, but let’s focus on the most important part: our bones. As we age, bone health becomes vital. Lack of bone density makes us more susceptible to fractures if we suffer a fall and affects stability and agility.

Bone loss is a natural part of aging. But there’s hope. Yoga can help.

Specific postures create muscle opposition that physically stimulates cells called osteoblasts. These bone-making cells live on the outside of the bone and turn into osteocytes, which in turn, fuse within the bone. In other words, yoga literally builds your bones.

Add these yoga poses to your routine to build the foundation of a strong physique.

Tree Pose

Extended Triangle Pose

Warrior II

Extended Side Angle Pose

Bridge Pose (WARNING: Do not perform bridge pose if you have a neck or shoulder injury.)

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