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7 Oils for Strong, Healthy Hair and Scalp

When you want to achieve your best crowning glory, maintain your hair with consistent attention and it begins with the scalp. Like the skin on our bodies, our scalp needs regular cleansing and consistent moisturizing to look and feel its best. Give your locks some love with 7 of our favorite oils.

Olive oil: relieves dry skin and promotes shine

Black Castor oil: adds moisture and combats dryness; known to stimulate hair growth

Jojoba oil: absorbs quickly into the scalp and locks in moisture without the heaviness of other oils

Coconut oil: super conditioning to the hair and hair shaft; also contains vitamins and essential fatty acids to nourish the scalp and remove buildup

Grapeseed oil: locks in moisture and is great for fine hair textures. Best applied to wet hair.

Tea tree oil: antibacterial and cleanses the scalp

Avocado oil: packed with vitamins A, E and B5, biotin and essential fatty acids to strengthen the hair

BONUS: For a growth boost, try diluted rosemary or lavender oil.

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