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How to Eat a Meal to Prevent a Blood Sugar Spike

Sugar may satisfy your sweet tooth, but be wary. It’s well known that too much can wreak havoc on all your organs and systems throughout the body.

With so many sugar-laden products that line our grocery shelves these days, it can be difficult to avoid it altogether. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate whole, nutritious foods with little to no added ingredients.

Many know the benefits of eating whole foods, but did you know that eating your food in a certain order can greatly affect sugar spikes in the blood? Here’s how.

How sugar causes blood sugar spikes

Blood sugar spikes are sharp rises in blood sugar levels. They most often occur when you eat too many simple carbohydrates.

When you eat food containing carbohydrates, your body breaks them into a simple sugar called glucose.

Glucose then enters your bloodstream. When the amount of glucose in your blood starts to rise, it sends a signal to your pancreas to release insulin.

Insulin allows the entry of glucose into the cells, which then uses it for energy, or stores for later use. Without insulin, glucose stays in the bloodstream, causing blood glucose (or blood sugar) levels to rise too high.

Eat These Food in the Following Order to Ease Blood Sugar Spikes

  1. Vegetables line the small intestines with fiber
  2. Protein and fats slow down the digestive process, allowing for sugar to be absorbed more slowly
  3. Starches and sugar are eaten last.

Eating in this order has other benefits including:

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