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The Treadmill Workout for Awesome Glutes

Getting outside to walk or run can be refreshing. But outside can be like kryponite for allergy sufferers. If you have a treadmill at home and need to fight the couch potato devil, then try this workout you can do anytime, in any weather.

Knee drives: Get your heart pumping and set your legs and glutes on fire. Without turning on the machine, step one foot onto the back of the treadmill, and drive the other foot up toward your chest while pumping your arms. Lean forward to give your lower body a good workout.

Treadmill pushes: With this challenging move, your arms and legs will act as the motor for the treadmill. Turn the machine off. While holding onto the front rails, dig your toes into the belt and push to move it as you run. Continue to push as fast as you can. Although it will be slow, your heart will get a good workout too.

Bear crawls: This fun move will give your legs a challenge. Set the treadmill on a very low speed. Facing the front of the treadmill, get down on all fours and your knees hovered two inches off above the belt. Then, crawl. This move will work your quadriceps, upper body and core.

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