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The Workout Playlists: Old-School Mix

Staying fit is important to stay healthy and fight disease. Sometimes it’s hard to get up and get motivated. That’s where music is helpful. Music can create the perfect mood to rev up our energy, push you through the hard part, and bring you down to a relaxed state. What are some of your favorite old school songs? Put on your shoes, pop in your earbuds, and get ready to get moving.

Warm Up

Aretha Franklin: Jump To It
Mary J Blige: Just Fine
Destiny’s Child: Lose My Breath

C & C Music Factory: Gonna Make You Sweat


Salt N’ Pepa: Push It
Michael Jackson: Workin’ Day and Night
Sister Sledge: He’s the Greatest Dancer

\Afrika Bambataa: Planet Rock

Cool Down

Frankie Beverly and Maze: Before I Let Go
Mary Mary: Walking

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