What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks you to attend a spin class at a local gym? Well, all too often, spin also known as cycle is perceived as an exercise that only the fit and strong should participate. That is not true. What is true is that no matter what stage of your fitness journey you are, you can spin. My clients’ fitness aptitude ranges from just jumping into the fitness game to getting in the groove of fitness to fitness beast.

That’s the beauty of spin, everyone exercises at their level which allows you to set personal goals for the class.

If you are planning to attend your first spin class, anxiety is normal. Also, you feel slightly intimidated as you see and hear more experienced riders adjust their bikes and clip into the bike’s pedals. The lights are dimmed and the music begins to pump louder filling the room with electric energy. You hear the coach welcome you as a new rider by saying, “New riders, your goal is to NEVER stop pedaling!” You take a deep breath and it is ShowTime! Twenty minutes into the ride, your anxiety decreases and you find your stride. Forty minutes later, the coach says, “Time for the cool down.” You survived.

You finished and during that ride you learned 10 basic truths about spin:

  1. It is intimidating, but what isn’t when trying for the FIRST time?
  2. Spin can be enjoyed by ALL fitness levels.
  3. Your goal is to NEVER stop pedaling.
  4. The spin coach is your GUIDE. Modify pedal resistance and rpm (speed) as needed.
  5. Spin is a LOW impact exercise; equivalent with swimming. Doctor recommended.
  6. You will BURN lots of calories. Running and spin burn the most calories of all exercises.
  7. Take 3 spin classes in 5 days; you will FEEL stronger and ready to challenge your next ride.
  8. Your TUSH will hurt but grab a padded seat cover & overtime the pain disappears for most.
  9. People who try spin either LOVE it or hate it; there is no middle of the road (no pun).
  10. You will meet new friends. Like any sport, there is always a community to embrace you.

I encourage you to try a spin class this month. If you like it, remain consistent and begin attending a spin class at least twice a week. Don’t forget to challenge yourself and watch yourself get stronger!

Greer L. Christian is a corporate philanthropy executive and a serial athlete. She began
competing in sports during junior and high school. Greer has finished
marathons/triathlon and currently a member of the masters crew rowing team.
Becoming a Schwinn Certified spin coach is her new sport and she loves it!
Follow me on IG @fit_greerc and visit my website www.cadencefitinc.com

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