January is over…and maybe your new year’s resolutions too. The good news it’s never too late to begin to invest in and take charge of your health.

Try these good habits to incorporate into your everyday routine to begin the path to optimal health.

  1. Get movement in everyday. Whether it’s taking a walk or sweating it out to a high intensity workout, exercise should be a part of your life. Go to our Workouts page for tips and suggested workouts.
  2. Mind your thoughts. Change your mindset. Life can be tough. But focusing on the good in life and staying positive can have life-changing affects.
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Non-starchy vegetables and fruits with natural sugars offer fewer calories, making your diet healthier. Include colorful foods – like red and green peppers, dark green leafy greens, bright orange carrots and citrus fruits, and more – to get the most variety of nutrients.
  4. Watch your portion sizes. Eating too much can be detrimental to your waistline and health. One way to accomplish this is to eat from smaller serving dishes. Several studies have found that people consistently ate more food when offered larger portions and plates.
  5. Choose whole, unprocessed carbs to get the most fiber, vitamins and minerals. Cut out white flour, white bread and white rice.
  6. Practice mindful eating. Mindful eating is a concept that says that when you pay attention to what you’re eating, the speed at which you’re eating and the purpose of the food you’re eating, then you will eat healthier. Click here to read more about mindful eating.
  7. Rest. Getting proper sleep is just as important to eat well and get exercise, sleep is vital for optimal health.
  8. Learn the power of “no.” Sometimes overextending yourself can have a negative affect on your mental and physical health. Read more about the power of “no” here.
  9. Avoid harmful habits like smoking and drinking too much alcohol.
  10. Keep your mind sharp. Learn something new to challenge the brain and keep your mind sharp.
  11. Increase your water intake. Our bodies and brains are made up of mostly water. So it’s vital to drink enough water for optimal health.
  12. Surround yourself with those you love. Distance yourself from negative relationships.
  13. Cut the sugar and salt. Too much of these things can lead to chronic disease.
  14. Play. Unplug. Take a break and enjoy life.
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