Ahh, summer. As the weather starts to cool, many of us yearn for the summer again. But for others, summer is just a reminder of the body work that must be done to look good in a swimsuit.

Why wait to get that beach body? Change to a healthy lifestyle NOW.

  • Eat small meals throughout the day. Experts say eating 5-6 small meals per day helps boost your metabolism while burning body fat.
  • Plank it out. Fitness trainers say to shy away from doing too many crunches as they will create a strength imbalance and shorten your midsection. Instead, do planks to tone the midsection and abs.
  • Shrink the bloat. Get rid of the bloated stomach by cutting salt and sugar and increasing your fiber intake with foods like raspberries, pears, potatoes and brussel sprouts.
  • Stay hydrated. Not only does drinking water help with skin issues, it also helps move fiber through the digestive system, decreasing bloating.
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