The next time you have an annoying cough, go for elderberry. These fruits that look like blackberries are very effective for treating colds, flu and coughs. Almost all natural cough syrups and suppressants contain the extract of the powerful, antioxidant-filled berries. They’re available in several forms, including raw berries, syrups and cough drops. The raw berries can be made into a tea and combined with honey for a sweet, soothing syrup.

Elderberries have benefits that extend beyond cold and flu season.

Lauded for their impact on cholesterol, heart health and even vision, elderberries is a must-have for your herbal medicine cabinet.

Origins of Elderberries

  • Native of North America, Europe, Western Asia and North Africa
  • Also called Black Elderberry
  • Good for inflammation, immunity, cholesterol, asthma, bronchitis, urinary tract, laxative, tonsillitis

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