Stressed? Struggling to focus? Suffering from brain fog or memory loss? Essential oils may be just what you need to get your mind right.

How Essential Oils Work

Your sense of smell has a powerful influence on your mind. Any odor you breathe triggers your limbic system, which deals with emotional processing, motivation, fear, and pleasure, including your hippocampus and amygdala, all three of which affect learning and memory.

Try these essential oils for mental health. Use an oil diffuser or oil burner to distribute the aromas in your space. Use oils alone or blend some together for a balanced mental state.

  • Rosemary-memory
  • Basil-increases concentration
  • Juniper Berry- focus and concentration
  • Peppermint- focus
  • Lavender- relaxation and combating sleeplessness and depression
  • Lemon- concentration
  • Ylang-ylang- concentration
  • Frankencinse- mental stamina, anti-anxiety and memory retention
  • Sandalwood- mental clarity
  • Sage or Clary Sage- problem-solving, reasoning and decision-making
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