Tired of feeling tired? To get the energy you need to get it all done, it’s important to eat the right foods. Try these nine nutrient-dense foods to get you going.


A good source of B vitamins, grains help regulate the release of sugar for a steady flow of energy.


Oats are the go-to source for energy, keeping blood glucose levels healthy.


This plant contains more vitamin C than most citrus fruits and high levels of vitamin B12.


These high-energy little powerhouses help regenerate your body. Full of antioxidants, sprouts like alfalfa, clover, and broccoli sprouts contain trace minerals, enzymes and fiber.


Nori, dulse, wakame, hijiki, kelp and kombu are highly digestible sources of minerals, vitamins B and C.


B vitamins, magnesium and iron can be found in vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus and spinach.


Made mostly of water, peaches are great at regulating the bowel, building the blood and giving you energy.

Flax seeds

Full of the essential fatty acids, omega -3 and 6, these seeds aid in energy production.


These fruits are full of magnesium, which in needed to begin the process of converting energy to glucose.

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