Every part of the world is experiencing the effects of climate change. From flooding to extreme temperatures, climate change is becoming a force that we as humans can no longer ignore.

While world leaders determine a plan to help mitigate the effects of climate change, there are things that we as communities and individuals can do to address this problem that hurts us all.

Incorporate these 15 habits into your daily life to live a more Earth-friendly lifestyle.

  1. Recycle. Research your local recycling rules to ensure proper disposal of plastics, electronics and more.
  2. Ditch the plastic bottles and invest in a reusable one. Choose BPA-free or glass bottles as healthy options.
  3. Take shorter showers to conserve water.
  4. Buy local when possible, to cut down on carbon emissions that result in transporting goods.
  5. Choose emailed receipts when making purchases to save paper and trees.
  6. Stock up on reusable bags to use when grocery shopping.
  7. Don’t throw away old shoes and clothing. Donate to your local charity to keep these items out of landfills.
  8. Buy in bulk to cut back on packaging waste.
  9. Turn off lights, electronics and appliances when not in use to conserve energy.
  10. Buy plants to clean the air and produce more oxygen.
  11. Learn how to grow your own food and start a garden.
  12. Go meat-free at least once a week. The resources needed to produce and transport meat increase carbon emissions drastically. Eating less meat helps alleviate this issue.
  13. Buy an eco-friendly car. Bike, walk or take public transportation.
  14. Pick up trash in your neighborhood to keep harmful plastics and materials out of rivers, streams and the ocean.
  15. Tell 5 friends and educate others about living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Share articles on the subject. There’s strength in numbers.
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