Technology has been extremely helpful in society’s evolution. The internet and social media have kept us informed and connected while streaming and video conferencing have entertained us and kept businesses afloat. But too much of anything can be detrimental. At times, it’s essential to disconnect and reset.

Why Do a Digital Detox

There are several benefits to unplugging from screens occasionally:

  • Give your eyes a rest
  • Separate from content that can trigger emotions of anger, sadness, envy or low self-worth
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved sleep

One-Week Digital Detox Challenge

For some, this will definitely be a challenge. But we encourage you to give it a try for your mental health. You’ll be happy you did!

Monday: Turn off social media notifications
Tuesday: Unsubscribe from old and unread emails
Wednesday: Turn off email notifications
Thursday: Put phones, laptops and tablets in a device box at meal times
Friday: Put screens away at least 90 minutes before bedtime
Saturday: Go device-free for 2 hours

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