Coconuts are famous as one of the main ingredients in a refreshing pina colada, but this tropical fruit and its sweet juice have numerous health benefits.

Coconut water is approximately 94% water and very little fat. In addition to being hydrating, coconut water, found at the center of the young, green fruit, is full of nutrients and minerals that many of us lack.

Here are a few healthful benefits:

  • Full of antioxidants
  • May lower blood sugar
  • May help prevent kidney stones
  • May reduce heart disease
  • Restores hydration and replenishes electrolytes
  • Contains manganese, which is involved in the metabolism of carbs, protein and cholesterol, and it is essential to bone formation and proper immune response.

Coconut water is available at your local health food store. It comes with or without the pulp. Keep in mind that the pulp is higher in calories and saturated fat. Go for organic and unsweetened for maximum benefit, when possible.

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