Maca, or maca root, is a starchy, turnip-like cruciferous vegetable, similar to cauliflower, cabbage and kale. It is also considered a root vegetable because it grows underground.

Used mainly in its powder form, maca has become widely popular due to its nutrient content. It contains more nutrients than carrots and potatoes and is full of fiber, protein, antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids. It’s also a great source of vitamin C, calcium, iron and copper.

Health Benefits of Maca

  • Improve cognitive function, memory and learning
  • May be helpful in warding off Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • May help increase energy
  • Boosts the mood and reduces anxiety
  • May help pervent low blood sugar linked to anxiety and irritability

Find maca root powder and supplements at your local health food store.

*Always consult your physician before taking supplements.

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