Anxiety often manifests itself in our minds, but because of the intricate connections of all body systems, it’s important to watch what you eat to relieve stress and worry.

Learn about the top six foods to avoid when suffering from anxiety.

  1. Wheat bran contains high levels of phytic acid, an antinutrient that binds to mood-calming minerals, like zinc, and prevents absorption.
  2. Dairy products can cause inflammation in the digestive system and cause a chain reaction of stress throughout the brain and body.
  3. Refined carbs such as bread, rice, pasta, bagels, and cereal can cause large blood-sugar swings, triggering anxiety.
  4. High-mercury fish like swordfish, grouper, sea bass and certain types of tuna can worsen symptoms of mood disorders. Mercury is a toxin that can disrupt certain functions in the brain and accumulate in the central nervous system.
  5. Alcohol may seem to calm your nerves, but they can have negative effects on your sleep and cause dehydration.
  6. Sweets are delicious, but sugar can inflame the digestive system and affect your emotional state.
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