These are truly challenging times. And for many people, the pressure to function normally among so much uncertainty can be harmful to mental health.

Read on for tips on how to stay sane and safe.

  • Get out and play. This may be one of the most important tools to staying mentally fit. Getting outside, exercising, and just getting some fresh air helps release stress.
  • Be creative. Keep the mind active by allowing time for your mind to wander. Take breaks to color, play an instrument or listen to music.
  • Connect with friends safely. With limitations on socializing, it’s important to find other ways to connect. Hop on FaceTime or Zoom and enjoy catching up.
  • Journaling. Writing down your feelings is an excellent tool to clear the mind and release thoughts, be it negative or positive.
  • Online therapy. If a child is having a hard time coping with our current conditions, consider connecting him or her with a therapist to help boost mental wellness.

How are you coping during these difficult times? Please share with the BlkandFit community in the comments below.

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