Pigeon pose is an excellent yoga pose that stretches tight hip flexors and gluteus muscles while building the muscles in the lower back. Some believe the benefits of pigeon extend to other parts of the body, alleviating mental stress and stimulating the internal organs.

How to do Pigeon pose

*Tip: Use yoga blocks, a blanket or bolster for added support.

  • Start on your hands and knees. Take your blocks and put them under your hands to allow for extra room. Slide your right leg forward so that your right knee is in line with your right wrist. Turn the leg out so the shin lays parallel to your torso and the right heel is in line with your back leg hip.
  • Push your hands into the floor as you roll the left hip forward and adjust into a comfortable position. Tuck the back toes. Keep pulling your back leg forward and your front hip back to square your hips even more.
  • Breathe into the pose and adjust to your comfort level.

*Do not perform pigeon if you have knee issues.

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