Spring is here! Time to shed the cold, and few extra pounds, of winter and go forth anew into the new season. The Spring season is a great time to not only shed weight but also reassess where we are and where we want to be personally and professionally. This may include finding ways to relieve stress, cutting out harmful foods and drinks, or beginning a new exercise routine. Where do we start? PREPARATION.

Next week, we begin Reset and Restore Week. Each day, we’ll guide and offer tools to help you get and stay on the path to better wellness. The cornerstone of the reset is a cleansing internal detox. Learn about the benefits of doing a detox here.

Here are tips on getting your mind, body, spirit, and space ready for a cleanse for the new season.

  • Determine what type of detox you want to complete. There are several types of cleanses that last for varying days. Try to complete a minimum of three days. This will give your system a break. Longer cleanses, 7-10 days and more, gives the body a kind of “deep clean,” down to the cellular level. Consult your doctor about completing a cleanse.
  • Establish your “why.” There will be times when you will get, cranky, “hangry” and want to quit. Know that the changes your body may undergo are natural and you’ll come out healthier on the other side. Giving your body a reset is great for your entire body, including your mental health. Take it one day at a time. You’ll get through it!
  • Make room for healthy detoxifying foods. Clean out that fridge and pantry of all the unhealthy, processed foods that could be tempting when your detoxing.
  • Be prepared. Write out your eating schedule for the entire day and meal prep. If you’re doing a smoothie fast, it may help to wash, cut and package your fruits in veggies ahead of time so you’re not struggling to make your drinks as you’re hungry.
  • Clean your space. Nothing makes for a more clear mind than being in a clean, organized space. You want to create as much peace around you during your cleanse as you can. Tidy up!
  • Stay positive. Create a positive routine for your detox days. Upon waking, take some deep, cleansing breaths. Drink a fresh glass of water. Do some yoga stretches to wake up the body. Read affirmations or other material that makes you feel good. Ease into the day in a positive state of mind.

Check our website every day next week for Reset and Restore Week content.

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