We’re living in stressful times. Anxiety is at an all-time high among people across the globe.

Many people look to food, alcohol, even addictive drugs to ease stress. But there are many more healthy ways to address problems.

Here are five things you can do every day to build mental resilience and mental strength:

  • Think of positive outcomes. It’s easy to think of the worst-case scenario. When an uncertain situation arises, visualize the most positive outcome you can imagine. Although the outcome may not be optimal, this exercise could change your outlook on the situation.
  • Use anxiety to grow. Turn feelings of anger into fuel to motivate you to do better or accomplish a goal, fear to push you to make better decisions or prompt you to choose a different direction; or worry to help you adjust your expectations or become more goal-oriented.
  • Try a new thing. Doing something new and out of your comfort zone can push your brain and body to better.
  • Ask for help when needed. Sometimes being overwhelmed can create a negative domino effect in life, affecting our mental health. Don’t me ashamed to ask for help from your support circle.
  • Get out in nature. We say this often, but it’s so beneficial. Science has proven that getting outside has tremendously positive effects on our mental health. It boosts your emotional well-being and resilience. Breathe, relax, enjoy the sounds of nature around you.
  • Practice mindful meditation. Being able to control the mind in times of stress can have huge positive effects on your physical and mental well being. Learn more about mindful meditation here.
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