Self-soothing is a healthy way to relieve anxiety from a physically or emotionally challenging experience. Babies and young children are known to self-soothe by sucking their thumbs or hanging onto a favorite soft teddy bear.

But adults can also reap the benefits of self-healing that help you to:

  • Move forward past negativity or pain
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Overcome fears
  • Block anxiety disorders like obsessive compulsive disorder or panic attacks

Comforting Yourself Through Your 5 Senses

Touch: use a stress ball to release stress or stroke the soft coat of a cat or dog, run cold water over your hands or take a warm shower, paying special attention to the water pouring over your skin

Hear: listen to your favorite music, a guided meditation, the sounds of nature or your breath

See: go outside and take in the natural scenery, look at pictures that evoke happiness, watch a comedy video to laugh or read affirmations or inspirational quotes

Taste: Steep a cup of calming tea or hot cocoa or suck on a peppermint hard candy

Smell: burn a fragrant candle or calming essential oils in a diffuser

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