Keeping your home clean is important when it comes to your health. From your water to the air to the cleaning products you use, each affects your health, for better or worse.

Make these changes to detox your home and improve your health.

  • Use non-toxic cleaners. There are many great, powerful natural cleaning products on the market. Find them at many health food stores and major grocery chains.
  • Let the fresh air in: Open the windows to allow fresh air to circulate in your home to remove stale, stuffy air.
  • Put houseplants throughout your home. Plants have amazing abilities to cleanse the air.
  • Leave the negative energy outside. Whenever you have a bad day, be mindful of leaving the negativity outside your door. Your home should be your sanctuary so fill it with as much positivity as possible.
  • Use oil diffusers to freshen the air. Use cleansing, calming essential oils like peppermint or lavender to create balance in the home.
  • Swap plastic storage containers for glass. Plastic containers can contain harmful materials that, when heated, can release unhealthy particles in your food. Swap them out for airtight, glass containers.
  • Install water filters. Be mindful of the water you drink, cook with and use to cleanse your skin. Install water filters on your faucet and showerhead. Go a step further by installing a home water filtration system so that all faucets deliver filtered water.
  • Leave your shoes at the door. Our shoes carry germs that we pick up as we walk outside the home. Get in the habit of taking your shoes off at the door so you don’t track dirt and germs on your floors or carpets.
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