Reading nutrition labels on the foods you eat is becoming more common, but have you ever thought to read the labels on menstrual cycle products? If you don’t, now is the time to do so. And if you don’t use them, tell the women and girls in your life.

What is Titanium Dioxide?

Some menstrual products contain several materials, including cotton and adhesive for securing pads into undergarments. Many of these materials are safe but one in particular should be avoided. Titanium dioxide, found in many pads, is a fine white powder that was first produced for use as a white pigment in 1923. It is naturally opaque, which gives menstrual pads their bright white color.

However, studies show that titanium dioxide may be a cancer-causing carcinogen in humans. Researchers with the National Institutes of Health also found possible links of titanium dioxide to infertility, ovarian diseases, even respiratory diseases when inhaled.

How to Avoid Titanium Dioxide in Menstrual Products

The next time you’re shopping for menstrual products, take time to read the labels. There are a few brands on the market that don’t contain this substance.

Check out the video below for a few brands that are safe to use.


Do you know what’s in menstrual products? Beware of titanium dioxide, a potentially cancer-causing agent lurking in your pads or tampons. Check out a few safe brands you can buy. #BlkandFit #womenshealth #menstrualcycle #menstrualcyclehealth #blackfitness #ovariancancer

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