If you shop for groceries, then you may have recently noticed more labels that read “BPA-free.” BPA, or Bisphenol-A, is a chemical used to make shatterproof windows, water supply pipes, eyewear, dental fillings and dental devices. It is also frequently found in food and drink can linings and water bottles.

The Problem with BPA

Studies show that when ingested, this hormone disruptor can promote the growth of cancerous cells in the breast and prostate and cause infertility, hormone disruption, obesity and diabetes.

How to Avoid BPA

Purchase cans labeled “BPA-free,” and use glass or ceramic if you must use a microwave as plastic containers break down under this kind of heating and can end up in your food.

When purchasing plastic, avoid those with the number “7” on the label or imprinted into the bottle. Better yet, switch to using glass instead of plastic bottles.

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