Essential oils are must-haves for your wellness arsenal. The oil extracts from plants and herbs can be used to improve the skin, fight germs, boost or calm your mood, even purify the home.

Tips for using essential oils

  • DO NOT INGEST essential oils. Apply them topically or burn in an oil burner or air purifier.
  • If using on the skin, always use a carrier oil, such as sweet almond or jojoba oil, to dilute the essential oils.

Essential Oils and Their Purposes

Bergamot: lifts mood

Cedarwood: Good for clearing the breathing channels. normalizes sweat function.

Chamomile: Anti-inflammatory, great for headaches

Cinnamon bark: Antifungal and freshens the air.

Clary sage: Antidepressant, anxiety-reducer, helps counteract insomnia

Cypress: Antiseptic and deodorant: Reduces coughing and excessive perspiration

Eucalyptus: Antiviral, antiseptic, chest rub and decongestant. Reduces fever, aids in muscle aches and good for repelling insects.

Frankincense: Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Promotes cell regeneration and good for purifying the home.

Geranium: Antidepressant, antiseptic. Good for PMS, nerves and skin problems.

Grapefruit: reduces appetite, balances the mood and relieves depression. Useful in baths and perfumes.

Hyssop: Antiseptic. Stimulates the respiratory system and is good to clear the lungs of congestion.

Jasmine: Antidepressant. Helpful for anxiety, and emotional imbalance.

Juniper: An antiseptic, diuretic. Helps rid the body of toxins, can reduce cellulite and improve arthritis.

Lavender: Antiseptic. Improves immune function and calms the body. Antibacterial, eases depression and stress.

Lemon: Astringent and antiseptic. Boosts the body against infections. Good for anxiety and depression. Also good in cleaning products.

Linden: calming and moisturizing for the skin

Orange: Balances and uplifts the mood.  

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