If you’re a foodie, then your idea of fun is cooking up a good meal. For those new to the kitchen, discovering the taste of fresh food and flagrant spices can spark your creativity.

If you cook at all, then you know spices make all the difference. What’s in your spice cabinet? Here are nine of our favorites:

Onion salt: the savory taste of sweet onions enhanced with salt; a nice addition to roasted vegetables

Curry powder: deep, earthy flavor of cumin, turmeric, and bay leaf; excellent for meat or vegetables

Smoked paprika: rich, smoky flavor of peppers; tasty on chicken and seafood

Spike: an all-purpose, MSG-free blend of several spices and dried vegetables; add to any dish to add another layer of savory flavor

Garlic powder: a great substitute for fresh garlic to be added to sauces, vegetables, and meats

Old Bay: a blend of celery, paprika, and more; used mostly in seafood dishes

Nutmeg: a sweet, nutty flavor; add to desserts, coffee, and even a pinch to casseroles for another layer of flavor

Cinnamon: very familiar, aromatic, sweet, and nutty; used mostly in desserts

Happy cooking!

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