Your local park trail or running/walking path can be a beautiful place to get in a good workout, but it can also be a dangerous place. Every year, people sustain injuries while exercising on paths and many times, these accidents can be prevented.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using a path for bikers, walkers and runners:

4 Rules of the Trail

  1. Shout it out! If you’re a bike rider, please shout “On your left” when passing a walker or runner. This is a must to avoid running over a pedestrian who suddenly decides to change direction mid-stride.
  2. Check your blind spot. Just like in driving, take a quick glance behind you when passing another person to check for oncoming bikes or runners to avoid a collision.
  3. Each one, teach one. If you have children, teach them the rules of the path. Kids will naturally run about when outside so make sure to keep them safe from bikes or runners. Teach them to always stay to the right side of the path, glance behind them before changing direction and keep toys or trash off the path.
  4. Stay safe. Keep it low. We all love jammin’ when getting a run or walk in. But be sure to keep your volume at a level that still allows you to hear someone or something coming from behind you.
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