In addition to keeping your body healthy during this time of self-isolating, it’s important to take care of your mind and spirit. Self-care right now can mean a variety of things, but overall, it means whatever will bring calm, steadiness and love into your head space. Whatever feels good to you.

Meditation: This practice (meditation and stilling the mind) is a process and takes time and practice to master. Be gentle and patient with yourself when attempting to meditate. Some of the benefits of meditating include a reduction in stress, more relaxation, and better emotional balance. Learn how to meditate here.

Rest: If you’re used to running from work to school to extracurricular activities, chances are you’ve been depriving yourself of rest. Take advantage of your extra time at home to allow your mind and body to reset naturally. Getting to bed at a decent hour and waking up without an alarm (if you can), can do wonders for your energy levels. Getting rest can also have other positive affects on your health. Want a better night’s sleep? Try these tips.

Nourishing foods: It’s tempting to eat no-so-healthy foods during this stressful time. Everything in moderation. Try eating as healthy as possible to maintain good health for your mind. Try these foods for a healthy brain.

Aromatherapy: If you’re stressed or struggling to rest, try aromatherapy. Investing in an oil diffuser or burner can bring much-needed relaxation. Try these essential oils to get your mind right.

Affirmations: During these stressful times, it’s easy to think negatively. Start your day with positive affirmations. Starting with the phrase “I am”. I am is a extremely powerful phrase that can change your mindset instantly, putting you in a space to progress in a positive, or negative, direction.

Try these:

I am open to creative possibilities.

I am loved.

I am protected.

I am enough.

Teleconference with friends: It’s important to stay connected with friends and loved ones responsibly. Schedule a weekly teleconference or FaceTime session to check in and make sure those you love are doing well mentally.

Have a spa day: Since your favorite spa or nail shop is closed, you may be missing your regularly scheduled day of pampering. You can still show yourself some love by setting up your own spa, complete with candles, aromatic soaking salts, cool cucumber water or wine and your favorite relaxing music.

Write or journal: Journaling is a very good way to cleanse your mind and spirit of negative thoughts and nourish your mind with good memories or inspirational ideas to better your life.

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