During this racially tense time, African Americans are experiencing stress and anxiety like we haven’t seen in decades. Talking to a professional is the best way to address mental health issues, but there are many online resources to help reset and restore your mind. Here are 8 mental health podcasts with African Americans in mind.

  1. Black Mental Health Podcas‪t‬ with Reginald A. Howard‬
  2. Silent Symptoms: Black Mental Health Podcas‪t‬ with Kgothatso Fridge White‬
  3. My Black Mental Healt‪h with Tai Dyer‬
  4. Black Mental Matters Podcast with Vince “The Voice” Bailey and Makeba Reed-Johnson
  5. Diary of a Mad Black Ma‪n‬‬
  6. The Emotional Lives of Black Men Podcas‪t‬‬
  7. Mind Over Melanin Podcas‪t‬ with Bailey Jeremie‬
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