As we close out 2022, many are reflecting on the year, experiences and where they would like to make improvements. No area is more important than mental health. Without a healthy mental state, achieving those goals for the new year are sure to be difficult.

When setting goals for 2023, keep these lifestyle habits in mind for optimal mental health.

  • Commit to exercising daily. Studies show that moving each day (walking, running, weight lifting, yoga, etc.) release endorphins to lift your mood and increase healthy blood flow to the brain.
  • Commit to meditating. Stilling the mind has been proven to improve focus and overall brain health. If you’re starting a meditation practice, commit to 5 minutes per day, then build up to 20 minutes. Click here for tips on meditation.
  • Commit to practicing self-care regularly. Taking time out for your relaxation is a great way to relieve stress and reset your mind. Go for walks, take a nap or go for a weekend getaway.
  • Commit to positive self talk. Nothing is more impactful than what we tell ourselves. Build yourself up with positive affirmations and empowering thoughts. Remind yourself you’re human and you will make mistakes or miss goals, but that’s okay. You’re moving forward.
  • Commit to getting quality sleep. Sleep is one of the most important factors in brain health. Strive to get 8-10 hours of sleep each day. Click here for tips on sleep.
  • Commit to eating healthy. Food is fuel for your body and brain. Eat nutrient-dense foods and drinks that raise your vibration and awareness. Check out tips on eating healthier here.
  • Commit to cutting back on screen time. This is important for so many reasons. Too much screen time can be harmful to the brain, eyes, your mood and even self esteem. When you feel negativity around what you’re seeing on screens (phones and televisions), immediately turn it off.
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