If you’re looking to obtain better focus, clear your mind or connect with your higher self, then meditation is the right tool for you. Adopting a regular meditation practice can open the door to more clarity, a better ability to filter negativity from the mind and body, and overall improved mental health. 

Check out tips on beginning a meditation practice and how to keep it going.

How to Meditate

  • Choose a quiet and peaceful space.
  • Wear something comfortable.
  • Position yourself in a comfortable position (sitting or lying down).
  • Consciously release the mind from all external thoughts. Don’t stress if you can’t immediately achieve this. Be gentle with yourself and it will get better over time.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Visualize yourself in your most peaceful and happy place (on the beach, fishing, at the park, your bed, on a mountain, etc.). Physically see yourself in your mind at that place.
  • Connect with your breathing. Take deep inhalations – filling the chest and belly. Release with deep exhalations – totally emptying the chest and belly.
  • As you are breathing, count each breath as you take it starting with 60 and counting backward. (The purpose of counting backward is because it takes more effort to count backward than forward. This will help keep the mind focused.
  • While counting, continue to visualize yourself in your happy and peaceful place.
  • When you finish counting take a minute with your eyes closed and notice how calm and peaceful you are.
  • You might have to start out with the number 30 and work your way up to 60, then 100, then maybe 500.
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