We all do it. When asked, “how are you?”, the reply is always, “I’m good,” no matter how we feel. Despite feeling overwhelmed, sad, anxious or defeated, you put on a happy face and say, “I’m good.” But are you REALLY good?  

Sometimes, it’s ok to not be ok. Be truthful with yourself and allow yourself to work through the negative feelings. But you must give yourself the space and environment to transform that energy into something positive. 

Try these tips to create the peace you crave during difficult times and really feel good. 

  • Cleanse your space. Getting rid of clutter can free an anxious mind. Organize your home to give yourself a clean slate to begin the work toward positivity. 
  • Establish a routine of health and wellness. Upon rising, drink water to hydrate. Then get the blood flowing with gentle stretching. Lastly, meditate for at least five minutes.  
  • Nurture your body with high quality food and drinks. Make eating well more than just a diet. Incorporate fruits and vegetables, multi-vitamins and lean protein to feed your body. 
  • Get comfortable saying “no”. Sometimes, overextending yourself can leave you overwhelmed and, at times, resentful.  
  • Talk to a professional. It’s also ok to seek mental help. There’s no shame in tending to your mental health in ways that differ from your usual experience. 
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