Recent studies have shown that our mental health has a direct link to gut health. Therefore, what you eat matters. Check out this list of 10 foods to avoid if you have depression and anxiety.

1. Wheat bran: This grain contains high levels of phytic acid, which interrupts the absorption of vital nutrients like zinc, which is important for anxiety.

2. Dairy: Cheese and other dairy products are not friendly to gut health. Dairy’s inflammatory effects can stress the body and the brain, triggering anxiety.

3. Refined carbs: sugar-laden carbs like bread, rice, pasta, bagels and cereal can cause blood-sugar swings and anxiety.

4. Alcohol: If you suffer from anxiety, think twice before having that drink to calm down. Alcohol can cause dehydration and negatively affect sleep patterns, both of which can cause anxiety.

5. Gluten: Studies show that food sensitivity like gluten intolerance can cause inflammation and cause anxiety.

6. Coffee: The caffeine may wake you up, but it can spark emotional imbalance as well.

7. Sweets: sugar can inflame the gut, triggering anxiety.

8. Soda: The caffeine, artificial ingredients and aspartame in diet sodas can wreak havoc on your emotions.

9. Fried foods: unhealthy fats in fried foods can increase depression and anxiety.

10. Dark chocolate: This chocolate is a healthy option to milk chocolate, but the levels of caffeine and other compounds can trigger anxiety.

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