With some much going on in the world, Black and Brown people are suffering with mental health challenges. And while more people of color are open to seeking therapy than ever before, it can sometimes be difficult to find mental health professionals to connect with.

Check out our list of online resources to use in your search for a Black or Brown mental health professional.

  1. Melaninandmentalhealth.com
  2. Wholebrothermission.com
  3. Inclusivetherapists.com
  4. Nqttcn.com
  5. Therapyforlatinx.com
  6. Therapyforblackmen.org
  7. Therapyforqpoc.com
  8. Cliniciansofcolor.org
  9. TheLovelandfoundation.org
  10. Roottocrownhealing.com
  11. Therapyforblackgirls.com
  12. Soulaceapp.com
  13. Ayanatherapy.com
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