Tiger pose is an excellent yoga stretch for the entire body. It stretches the spine and back while adding length to the entire front body, extending from the torso all the way to the quadriceps and ankles.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Start on the hands and knees. Stretch one leg back, parallel to the ground with your foot flexed. Keep the hips level. Now lift the opposite arm out in front, maintaining your balance. Form a straight line from your fingertips through to your heels. Breathe.
  • Bend the lifted leg so your heel is pressing toward the sky. Grab your foot or ankle with the opposite hand and kick up. Keep your hips stay level and parallel to the ground. Press your foot or ankle into your hand while lifting into a slight backbend. Feel free to use a strap to help you grab your foot. Fix your gaze toward the sky. Breathe.
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