During our lifetimes, our brains absorb millions of pieces of information, thoughts and beliefs that shape our existence in the world. Unfortunately, many of these things can be unhealthy and damaging, limiting our potential and harming our mental health.
Here are six things to unlearn for more peace.

  1. The idea of needing to be successful to be worthy. Our society puts much weight on what “success” is. Being financially well off is fine, but that doesn’t always equate to success for some people. Success for some means having their health, love and family. Define what success is for you.
  2. Pretending that you are ok when you are not. This can be extremely harmful, preventing you from addressing a problem that could be worked out. Acknowledge when you experience pain, disappointment or other negative feelings then work through it with talking to someone or writing down your thoughts.
  3. Shaming yourself when you’ve made a mistake. It’s ok to fail, as long as you’re learning from it.
  4. The belief that you will always be exactly where you are in life. It’s sometimes difficult not to compare your achievements with others. If you are not where you want to be, set a goal then make a plan on how to get there. Then practice patience with the process.
  5. You have to earn a break or much-needed rest. This is another habit in our society that can harm your health. When you need a break, take it, recharge then get back at it.
  6. That your feelings are “bad” or “wrong”. For many years, we’ve been taught that expressing emotion is a negative thing when it’s truly the opposite. Expressing your feelings is a way to cope with challenges. Feelings are not bad. They are what they are.
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