Eczema is a type of skin inflammation that causes itching and flakiness. Resulting from environmental factors, stress or certain food allergies, eczema can be an irritating, sometimes embarrassing, condition.  

There are several doctor-prescribed medications that can help, but there are things you can do, or stop doing, to alleviate the symptoms of eczema. 

  1. Keep a food diary to link foods that you eat with eczema outbreaks. 
  1. Stop using detergents, solvents and other synthetic allergenic substances when cleaning or washing clothing. 
  1. Eat a wholesome, clean diet. Limit your intake coffee, dairy, alcohol, sugar, red meats and fried foods.  
  1. Incorporate these nutritional supplements into your diet: vitamin B complex, vitamin E, biotin, zinc and essential fatty acids like flax, borage or evening primrose oil (rotate the oils, avoiding taking the same one consistently). 
  1. Try natural topical oils like a combination of vitamin E and evening primrose oil. Calendula cream may also soothe itchy skin. 
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