The importance of nurturing our mental health has been taboo in our community for a long time. Luckily, we’re beginning to realize that this part of our well-being is closely connected to other parts of our lives.

But sometimes we get so inundated with everyday tasks that we may not even realize we need a break. How do you know when your mental health is compromised? Here are 8 signs you need to stop, refresh and restore your mind and body.

  • Feeling a sense of dread about a situation
  • Persistent thoughts related to work or home life that triggers sadness, depression or anxiety.
  • Feeling burned out, exhausted or overwhelmed
  • Difficult to set goals and stick with them
  • Decreased productivity
  • Changes in ability to focus or retain information
  • Decrease in tolerance
  • Difficulty sleeping, changes in appetite

Click here for ways to reset your mind and take a mental health break.

If you feel depressed or suicidal, immediately connect with a mental health professional. Click here for resources.

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