Daily exercise is one of the keys to having good health. Walking, running, cycling and weight-bearing exercises are all excellent ways to get in shape. But yoga has unique benefits that should not be overlooked. It’s best known for strengthening and toning the muscles.

Here are 8 more reasons you should add yoga into your workout routine.

  1. Boosts the immune system.
  2. Great at combating stress. Proper breathing is one of the main lessons learned when practicing yoga. Studies show that controlling the breath can reduce stress dramatically.
  3. Encourages body positivity. Because people of all shapes and sizes can do yoga, everyone can feel good when doing yoga.
  4. Great for improving sex. Yoga strengthens and tones the pelvic floor muscles, improves flexibility and stamina.
  5. Encourages a healthier diet.
  6. Research from the University of Washington shows that people who regularly practice yoga eat more mindfully compared to other exercisers.
  7. Great for the brain. Research shows that just 20 minutes of yoga can improve the brain’s ability to quickly process and accurately information.
  8. Protects the heart. Yoga has been shown to reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol.
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