Upward dog yoga pose is an excellent pose to stretch tight hip flexors, shoulders and torso muscles. It’s also beneficial in building strength in the butt, arms and wrists.  

How to Do Upward Dog 

  • Come to plank or push up position on the floor. Lower down half way then, as you shift your weight on the tops of your feet, begin to push your torso up. Press your shoulders down away from your ears while pushing your chest forward. Push the palms of your hands down with your fingers spread wide for added balance.
  • Keep the neck long and look up towards the sky. Squeeze the butt muscles and, with the thighs on the floor, press the legs firmly in the floor.  
  • Hold the pose for 4 or 5 breaths. To release the pose, relax the lower body and lower the torso down to the floor.  
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