As we prepare for Valentine’s Day, make dinner plans and buy gifts for our partners, you would be remiss if you forget the most important person in your life: YOU.

We may not all have a special someone in our lives, but that doesn’t me you can’t celebrate love.

It’s ok to unplug from societal expectations and shift your focus to reconnecting with self.

  • To do this, disconnect from:
  • social media that can trigger feelings of inadequacy, envy or sadness
  • stressful schedules
  • unhealthy eating or drinking habits
  • anxiety-inducing relationships

Plug in to:

  • Nature by listening to birds chirping, water bubbling in a nearby creek or lake, or going for a hike or walk in the fresh air
  • The love of family and friends
  • Self-reflection
  • Activities that feed your mind, like meditation, music and journaling
  • Healthful eating that nourishes the body with vital nutrients and vitamins
  • Indulge in a self-care session at your favorite spa or at home with an aromatic bath, skincare routine or deep hair cleansing with a massage to calm the mind
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