Camel pose is a versatile pose, that when in its full expression, can be an intense challenge. If you sit at a computer or drive for hours, then you could benefit from doing camel yoga pose. This backbend pose has endless benefits, stretching the whole front of the body, improving spinal flexibility for better posture, and relieving neck and back pain.

How to Do Camel Pose

  • Kneel and place your knees hip-distance apart. Keep the butt muscles relaxed while pressing the shins and tops of the feet into the floor.
  • Inhale and bring the palms of the hands to the lower back, pointing your fingers down to the floor.
  • On your exhale, tuck your chin toward your chest and lean back.
  • If allowed, continue by reaching the fingertips back toward your heels. Rest the palms of the hands on your heels. The fingertips should point toward your toes. Breathe.
  • Keep the thighs parallel to each other and the hips directly over the knees. If you feel discomfort in your low back, tuck your toes to elevate your heels.
  • Keep pressing the front body towards the front of the room with your chest lifted towards the sky. Squeeze the shoulder blades together while keeping the head neutral.
  • Hold the pose for 30-60 seconds. To release the pose, inhale and bring your hands back to your front hips. Inhale and push your hips to the floor. Bring your head up last. Flow into Child’s Pose to counter the backbend movement.

*Do not perform camel pose if you have a neck or back injury.

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