Today’s workout focuses on the core. Your core muscles don’t just include your abs but extend from the base of your spine down to your pelvis. They encompass:

  • The muscles located on each side of the naval
  • The internal and external obliques
  • The muscles in the middle of your torso (also known as the six-pack)
  • The muscles located along the spine from the head to the pelvis

Grab your mat and try this core-crushing workout challenge.

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The Workout: Chisel Your Core Hey, BlkandFit fam! Did you know that your core muscles are not just your abs but extend from the base of your spine down to your pelvis? Go to our website to learn more about the muscles that make up the core. Link in bio. In the meantime, get summa this core workout! ??? Do each exercise for 1 minute•••3-4 sets. Rest for 20-30 seconds between sets 1. Russian twists Sit on your sit bones and lean back slightly to engage the abs. Keep the feet on the ground or keep them lifted about 6 inches off the ground for a challenge. Twist from the waist and follow your movement with your eyes. 2. Side lying tow touch Lie on one side. Lift your hips up and extend you me too leg in front of you. Touch your toe then return to the floor. 3. Bear knee taps Get on your hands and knees. Hover slightly off the floor with you knees 1 or 2 inches off the ground. Alternate tapping the knees while hovering. You got this! #BlkandFit #abs #core #coreworkout

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