Today’s yoga pose is sure to challenge your core strength and balance. Low lunge is great for expanding the chest and pushing the hips open.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when performing low lunge:


  • Start with a strong, stable foundation in the knees and feet. Keep the knee of the front leg in line with the ankle. Use the toes to grip the floor for balance. 
  • Reach the chest and diaphragm up and back to create an arch in the lower back.
  • Keep the hips pressing forward. 
  • For more stretch in the upper body, clasp the hands behind the head, rotating the arms from the armpits. Reach the hands to the knees, pressing the palms into the floor, if allowed. 

Today’s yoga pose is low lunge. It’s great for stretching the hip flexors and expanding the chest and upper body. Go to for more yoga inspiration! #Blkandfit #workout #blackfitness #blackwomendoyoga #blackmendoyoga #yoga #yogainspiration

♬ Lofi Vibes – Gentle State
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