Sweater weather is coming. So is flu season. Time to break out your favorite cozy clothes. Most importantly, it’s time to prepare your body for optimal health and immunity.

Consider doing a cleanse quarterly when the seasons change to recharge your system and boost your immunity.

Need a cleanse? Here are 16 signs you may need to detox.

Tips for Seasonal Cleansing

  • Eliminate the bad stuff. Cut out sugar, processed foods and soda.
  • Fill up on the good stuff. Replace the junk food with whole, nutritious foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fresh juices and plenty of high-quality water will cleanse the system, nourish the cells for optimal health.
  • Add supplements. In addition to eating whole foods, incorporate immune-boosting supplements to your diet. Zinc, herbs such as turmeric also help your body fight off illness.
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